Whisky basics

Did you know?

Whisky and whiskey is currently being produced in over 20 countries worldwide and is consumed in over 200 countries across the globe.

Whisky basics

The world of whisky is an exciting place with much diversity and innovation, but can be a daunting and intimidating. There are so many distilleries in Scotland and around the globe, all distilling different styles of spirit in their different ways,that it can be easy to get confused.

A little knowledge can go a long way
We see each new piece of knowledge as being like a jigsaw piece and once a few fit together then the bigger picture can soon become clearer. By learning some of the simple basics in this section, it can quickly become much easier to navigate your way through this rich and diverse world. Everything that is explained here will lay a solid foundation upon which you can further build your learning and experiences.

Good places to start

  • Learn the process of how whisky is made and how the distiller can influence the flavour of the spirit at each stage.
  • Discover the whisky producing regions of Scotland and how each has traditional regional variations of flavour and style associated with it.
  • Try different whiskies and then note down the aromas and flavours. What do they remind you of?
  • Taste a whisky neat and then add a few drops of water. Describe the differences, then add a few more drops and do the same.
  • Read as much about different distilleries and brands as you can. Visit their websites or the distillery itself, if possible.
  • Experiment with different styles and ages of whisky. Be prepared not to like them all. A bad experience is as valuable as a good one. This will help you discover which style you prefer.