Whisky Glossary

Whisky Glossary
The world of whisky can be confusing and full of technical and industry terms or jargon. Here, we try to break down some of these barriers by having an alphabetical A to Z listing of some important whisky and whiskey terms, in the form of a glossary.

Welcome to Whisky for Everyone

The easy to use guide to the world of whisky and whiskey

The world of whisky and whiskey is exciting with much diversity and innovation, but can be a daunting and intimidating place. With so many distilleries in Scotland and around the globe, all distilling different styles of spirit in different ways, it can be easy to get confused.

Whisky for everyone?

This website is for anyone who is interested in whisky and whiskey (yes, there is a difference) - beginner, connoisseur or otherwise. Our aim is to explain about whiskies, the distilleries and all the processes and factors that go into making the world’s favourite spirit in simple words and get you thinking about what you like. This is an interactive experience, so we would love for you to send us your comments and reviews.

Did you know?

We have been keeping our eyes out for trivia about everything to do with whisky and whiskey. Each page holds an interesting fact that you may not know. Impress your family, friends and colleagues with your expanding knowledge!

A to Z of distilleries

A to Z of distilleries
Find information about whisky and whiskey distilleries around the world. Select a letter to find out more.

Whisky Basics

Whisky Basics
whisky stills How is single malt whisky made? How do you taste whisky? Do I add water or ice? How do I pronounce the funny Scottish names? There are so many questions to answer but by learning the simple basics, it can quickly become much easier to navigate your way through the rich and diverse world of whisky. These basics are the foundation on which your whisky knowledge will be built.

Discover Whisky

Discover whisky
There is so much history and tradition associated with the world of single malt whisky, blended whiskys and American bourbons. How do you find out about it all? Who can help? Where can you buy those rare bottles? There are many different ways to find out information – through a website or blog (like ours!), books and magazines, local or national whisky societies or associations and specialist whisky shops.

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