Whisky regions

Did you know?

Nearly 250 million litres of whisky is produced in Scotland every year, which equates to 125 litres for every person living in Scotland

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Map of Scotland

The home of malt
Scotland is the home of whisky and the leading producer of single malt in the world, with over 80 distilleries currently in operation. Whisky is not just an industry or the national drink of Scotland, but forms a major part of the country's history and heritage. The distilleries are spread far and wide and the country is split in to six major whisky producing regions - Speyside, Highlands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, the islands and Islay − with each region having its own general style.

  • Scotland's regions
  • Campbeltown
    • − a tiny region on a western peninsula, where now only two distilleries remain
  • Highlands
    • − the largest geographical region, home to some of the remotest distilleries and a diversity of styles
  • Islands
    • − windswept and bleak places they can be, but each produces individual and unique whisky
  • Islay
    • − the home of smoky whisky
  • Lowlands
    • − the most southerly region. once a major producer, now only three distilleries remain
  • Speyside
    • − the largest by volume and most densely populated whisky producing region in the world