Whisky regions

Did you know?

Scotland has over 790 off shore islands and but less than 100 are populated. Only 14 of these Islands are populated by over 1000 people and just 45 islands are populated by over 100 people

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There are a number of distilleries that are based on the islands around theS Scottish coast. These are Arran (on the isle of Arran unsurprisingly!), Jura (on the isle of Jura!), Tobermory (on Mull), Talisker (on Skye) and Highland Park and Scapa (on the Orkneys). There is no distinct style and all are pretty unique due to their locations. Generally, Arran and Scapa are regarded as the lighter and fresher whiskies, Jura and Tobermory are richer, sweeter and maltier while Talisker and Highland Park offer full bodied whiskies with some smokiness.

  • Scottish island distilleries
  • Arran
    • − one of the newest distilleries in Scotland, opened in 1993 on the island of Arran
  • Highland Park
    • − the most northern distillery currently operating in Scotland, near the town of Kirkwall on the Orkney islands
  • Jura
    • − a unique producer of a lightly peated and smooth malt, located on the island of Jura
  • Scapa
    • − a small distillery run by a team of three on the northern Orkney Islands
  • Talisker
    • − spicy and salty whisky from the iconic distillery on the isle of Skye
  • Tobermory
    • − the only distillery on the island of Mull, producing unpeated malts as well as smoky whiskies under the name Ledaig