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Springbank is one of only two distilleries in Scotland that bottle their whiskies at the original source (the other being Glenfiddich)

Springbank marked on a Scotland map

Springbank map
Country - Scotland
Region - Campbeltown


Springbank Distillery Springbank Distillers Ltd
PA28 6EX
tel - +44(0)1586 552 009
web - www.springbankdistillers.com

Tours - available by appointment only Monday to Thursday during summer. contact tours@jandamitchell.com or +44 (0)1586 551 710.

The distillery's story
Springbank distilley is located on the Campbeltown peninsula, which is on the west Highland coast. It is one of only three distilleries left in an area of Scotland that 200 years ago supported up to 32 distilleries. Springbank is small (their maximum production capacity is only 750,000 litres per year) but their whiskies are highly regarded around the world. It is unique amongst Scottish distilleries, as it has been continuously owned by the same family (the Mitchells) since it opened in 1828. It is also the only distillery in Scotland to produce three different single malts - Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn - using three different production methods. The production is split between the three throughout the year with 80% of the time going to Springbank, 10% to Longrow and 10% to Hazelburn. There are currently five regular bottlings of Springbank, three of Longrow and one of Hazelburn, although limited releases are added to these from time to time.

Springbank's story
Whiskies produced as Springbank single malts are lightly peated (around 15ppm) and are distilled two and a half times (this means that the spirit is distilled twice but some of it is allowed to drain back in to the still and is therefore distilled for a third time).

Longrow's story
First produced in 1973 as an experiment to see if an Islay-style peated whisky could be produced on mainland Scotland, Longrow is double distilled and heavily peated (about 55ppm). It proved to be so popular that regular distillation has occured since 1992 for approximately one month of each year. Longrow is produced as 10 and 14 year old bottlings plus Longrow CV which is a blend of different ages. With respect to the areas heritage, Longrow is named after one of the old Campbeltown distilleries.

Hazelburn's story
Hazelburn was first distilled in 1997 and first released in 2005 as an 8 year old single malt. It is completely unpeated and distilled three times, one of the only scottish whiskies to experience a third distillation. This makes a lighter smoother whisky similar to the Irish style. Only a limited number of bottles are released each year. Hazelburn is available as an 8 year old, with a 12 year old due to be released in 2009. Like Longrow, Hazelburn is named after one of the long defunct Campbeltown distilleries. Many of the distillery buildings are still standing, and can be seen on a visit to the town.

their whiskies
Springbank 15 years old
  • Springbank 15 years old
  • Gentle woody bonfire smoke with christmas cake fruit and nuts. A great introduction to smoky whiskies
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Longrow 10 years old
  • Longrow 10 years old
  • Vanilla and barley mix well with fresh earthy peat smoke, some caramel, a distinct salty tang and a hint of spiciness. An easy-drinking balanced smoky whisky
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Longrow CV
  • Longrow CV
  • A big smoky and earthy whisky with citrus and menthol flavours. Try if you like Islay malts
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