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The term 'singleton' is an old expression that was used to describe single casks of malt whisky that were being sold at auction. The implication of attaching 'singleton' to a whisky was that it was of exceptional quality or age.

Auchroisk marked on a Scotland map

Auchroisk map
Country - Scotland
Region - Speyside


Auchroisk Distillery Auchroisk Distillery
AB55 3XS
tel - +44(0)1542 860 333
web - www.malts.com

Tours through Auchroisk Distillery are not currently available.

How to pronouce Auchroisk? ar-thrusk

Auchroisk's story
Auchroisk is a large capacity distillery (around 3.5 million litres per year) that was built in the 1970s. Despite its capacity, many have not heard of Auchroisk or tasted its whisky. The distillery is owned by drinks giant Diageo and contributes large amounts of its whisky towards high volume popular blends such as J&B Rare and Johnnie Walker Red Label. The spirit produced is light, fresh and citrusy and this is attributed to the water used in production, that is drawn from a local spring called Dorie's Well. The water rises from the granite bedrock and then passes through sandstone to get to the surface and this give particularly soft water, that is highly sought after by distillers. While few in the UK are familiar with Auchroisk, the brand is well known in America, Japan and Europe, especially Spain and Portugal. Auchroisk also has one of the largest warehouse spaces in Scotland and stores whisky from Diageo's other Speyside distilleries there.

Auchroisk's history
The distillery building was started in 1972 and production began in 1974. Its first single malt was released as a 12 year old in 1986 under the name of 'The Singleton of Auchroisk', as it was believed that the name of Auchroisk was too difficult for non Scots to understand and recognise. This name was abandoned in 2001 and recently a 10 years old has appeared as part of Diageo's Flora & Fauna range. This range champions the company's lesser known distilleries. Other than this, only a few independent bottlings are available. The distillery was built in order to meet the demand for whisky to go towards blending, primarily J&B Rare. This is still the case today, as J&B Rare remains the second most sold blended whisky in the world (selling a massive 60 million bottles worldwide last year!).

Auchroisk's whiskies
Auchroisk 10 years old Flora and Fauna
  • Auchroisk 10 years old 'Flora & Fauna'
  • Full flavoured and refreshing with a dryness on the finish that would be great for a summer's day.
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